Your unique talents, strengths, and experiences all combine beautifully to create an ideal vision of yourself. You hold a place in the world that no one else can ever fill! There is something special that you need to share with us. There is a problem out there and your life’s the solution. Every one of us has some talent for doing something. Like it is hardwired into you. And you can do this something better than anyone else you know. A thing that if you could, you would do it all day long.

Everyone has unique gifts — skills, talents and strengths that are just undeniably “you” and undeniably useful to those around you. It is much more than a skill — these are ingrained strengths fueled by your deepest passions and nurtured by an unwavering sense of purpose. Most people never find their unique gifts, either because they don’t realize they have any, haven’t attempted to find them, don’t recognize it when they are staring them in the face because it is so easy for them that they think everyone else can do it.

In truth we all have multiple talents and gifts. Key abilities that if honed, practiced, and perfected would transform not only ourselves but the whole world around us. The better you become, the better the world becomes.

We are all connected to each other. Living our lives within the divine matrix of existence. As my resonant frequency improves, I inspire others to do the same. The more that I allow myself to feel joy and happiness the greater the signal that I send out into life. Influencing others in a positive and helpful way.

What Is A Gift or Talent? A gift and talent are something that you are not only good at, but it is something that you have a desire to do. When you are using that gift, you are filled with joy and power.

Sometimes we may discover that we have some skill at something but when we do it, we are miserable. Guess what, that is not your gift or talent. It may be a “skill” that you can use to accomplish your goals, but it is not a gift or talent that should be developed, nurtured, or explored.

Identifying your own natural strengths and talents is not always easy, but it is well-worth your time to uncover them. Admittedly, there is no clear path to doing so, however, I have found a few highly effective methods for uncovering clues that can lead you to discover your unique gifts, strengths, and talents.

1. Take Free Online Assessments.

Here are the cumulative words that describe my unique gifts per these three assessments I took: Coach, Storyteller, Empathizer, Deliverer, Catalyst, Intellect, Curiosity, Good judgment, Love of Learning, Creativity, Wisdom, Self-Control, Prudence, Courage, Humility, Perseverance, Honesty, Social Intelligence, Capacity for Love, Kindness, Forgiveness, Fairness, Leadership, Teamwork, Gratitude, Optimism, Humor, Awe, Spirituality, Enthusiasm, Well balanced, relaxed, clear thinking, decisive, composed, resilient, unflappable, bravery, synthesizer, patience, tenacity, active listening.

2. Interview Family, Friends, Colleagues, Supervisors.

Here are the words used by my family, friends and colleagues to describe my unique gifts: Synthesizer, patience, tenacity, active listening, powerful presence, nonjudgmental, validating, researcher, dedicated, detail oriented, communication skill, people skill, creative, organization, loving, loyal, brave.

3. Make a list of your own.

The best way to start the introspection and transformation is by creating a laundry list of words that define who you want to be at work, home and in your community. What do you want to be known for? What qualities and characteristics represent your true self and that you want to demonstrate on a regular basis?

Just write as many words as you can, without judging or filtering. Ideally, you will list 20 or more words. If you hit a stumbling block, think about the people you have known whom you admire or for whom you have profound respect. What qualities did they consistently demonstrate? What could you reliably count on them for, and would you like to emulate or demonstrate the related traits?

4. Group all similar strengths together.

Now that you have taken the assessments and interviewed people close to you, group this list of strengths in a way that makes sense to you, personally. Create a maximum of five to seven groupings. Here is an example of how I grouped my skills, talents, and strengths. Yours will look quite different, well yes unique, because you are you.

3. Identify the 5 to 7 Strengths and Talents You Love to Share. Choose one word within each grouping that best represents the label for the entire group. Again, do not overthink your labels. There are no right or wrong answers. You are defining the answer that is right for you.

Here is a final list of my unique gifts:

Coach & Facilitator Perseverance Brave Catalyst Inspirational Synthesizer Spiritual

As you can see, we all have multiple talents and gifts. My key gifts can be further honed, practiced, and perfected, thus transforming not only myself but the whole world around me. The better I become, the better the world becomes.

What are your unique gifts (skills, strengths, and talents) that you can use to accomplish your goals? When you have taken the time to find out, do not stop there. These are your unique gifts that should be developed, nurtured, or explored.

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