Reasons to Hire a Life Coach

People who hire life coaches are people that want more. They are people that desire growth in their personal or professional lives (possibly both), and they want that growth to come faster, easier and more joyfully. Anyone in any walk of life can hire a life coach for almost anything they want to improve upon in their lives.

Professional - Many businesses are giving their employees access to life coaching to help them excel in their professional lives and careers. Many very successful business owners, CEOs, and professionals hire a life coach to help them set goals and stay accountable, so that they are able to reach that next level of productivity, efficiency or success.

Personal - Many people have begun turning to life coaches to assist them in their personal lives as well. These people can be anyone from students, professionals, to stay at home moms. Almost everyone has personal goals they want to meet and often, they just need the push that comes with the wisdom and encouragement from a life coach.

In general, people who hire a life coach tend to be people that want the following:

* To achieve their goals and be successful

* To find happiness * To find their life purpose * To do what they love * To decide on or change their career * To be more confident * To improve their relationships

Why is Life Coaching so Popular?

There has been quite a big surge in the popularity of life coaching both in the professional world and in people’s personal lives as well. A simple reason for this is the mere fact that as humans we tend to get stuck in certain places in our lives whether it is due to comfort, fear, ignorance or something else. We all tend to need a push and some guidance to get us moving and heading in the right direction again, and this is exactly what life coaching does.

Versatility - Life coaching is a very versatile field because there are coaches that can help people and businesses with a wide variety of things. Most coaches are trained to help you help yourself by using methods and tactics that work in all kinds of situations, and toward many different purposes.

Direction & Focus - Where there is a lack of focus and direction in the workplace or in your personal life, a life coach is really good at tackling that problem and helping you re-think and re-evaluate where you are heading. This is a major asset to companies that need motivated and skilled workers because it helps to encourage employees to reach their goals within the company which benefits everybody.

Increased Productivity - Many companies and individuals have to face a lack of motivation in the workplace which translates into low productivity. Life coaching has been proven to improve work performance by 70%. It is also shown to improve other important factors such as: self-confidence, relationships, communication skills, life/work balance, team effectiveness, time management and more.

Efficiency - There are many top performers in the workplace and in life that still hire life coaches. Why is that? Because they want to be more efficient in how they tackle their life goals. Motivated and unmotivated people alike can benefit from the efficiency and expert direction that a life coach can bring to their lives.

It Works - Studies have been done on how effective life coaching is and some are based on ROI, some are based on the satisfaction of the client and their willingness to return. Both types of studies have proven the effectiveness of life coaching. Approximately 86% of the companies studied said that they at least made back what they invested in using life and professional coaches. 99% of the companies and individuals who used life coaching were at least satisfied with the experience and 96% said that they would use a life coach again.

Gain a Fresh Perspective - Initially and throughout the coaching process, coaches will use an exploratory approach to help you uncover what it is that you want, what it is that is blocking you, as well as why and how you’re going about achieving your goals. To help you find your purpose or path in life, as well as your ideal career, coaches may use assessments to help you uncover your personality traits, strengths, and alignments.

Offering new perspectives and different ways of looking at a situation — to reinterpret the current situation in a new way — allows you to make dramatic discoveries in where and why you feel stuck. By exploring how you got “stuck” and what’s behind your frustration, coaches help you to first identify the deeper causes beneath your situation. By guiding you with new approaches and powerful exercises, coaches are able to offer new tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals and find solutions.

Become More Aware of Your Goals - By having a life coach echo back what you are saying, you become more mindful of your current belief system and perspective on a situation. Mindful awareness of your current way of thinking sets the stage for adopting new ways of understanding, and new ways of achieving your goals.

By listening without judgment and bringing this awareness to your current life issues, you can see those issues in a whole new light. Sometimes we too don’t recognize the deeper beliefs and assumptions we’re living under. By offering new ways to look at your situation and revealing new meanings behind it, your coach will often help you find relief and new beginnings in where you currently stand in life, and in relation to your goals.

Direction - A big part of the life coaching process is finding out where you are now, where you want to go in life, and finding the best process of getting you there.

A coach helps you to take action in places where you’re feeling frozen or stuck. It can be fear or anxiety, uncertainty or stress. Sometimes you just feel lost, and a coach will help you get re-oriented with your goals by helping you to find the right direction to take.

Purpose - By asking you deep and meaningful questions, a life coach can help you find a vision for yourself and turn it into reality. By doing this and guiding you through the necessary changes and hurdles, they help you reach your potential and find your purpose.

You can expect a life coach to hold you accountable for doing what’s necessary, in order for you to make the changes you desire. By having someone make sure you take responsibility, you have to face the excuses that you keep telling yourself and thereby realize that you really do have the ability to make the changes that you need to make.

Motivation - During the time that you are investing in life coaching, you should be consistently taking action steps in your life toward reaching your goals. Your life coach will keep you motivated by making sure you have a clear purpose, direction, and more importantly that you keep making steady progress. The life coach is directly invested in your success so you can expect to be motivated and mentally fueled up to take on life’s challenges.

Ultimately, life coaching will be worth your time if you are determined to be open to new ideas, tactics and are willing to put in work to implement changes. You don’t even need to have a specific goal in mind before you go to a life coach, as long as you know you want more from life they can help you pinpoint what’s next for you. A coach will improve your self-awareness, widen your thinking and help you become more focused. They are great people to go to when you want help accessing the talent and motivation you already carry within yourself.

Adapted from Life Coach Spotter Learning Center

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