Living an Intentional Life is Easier than You Think

Question for you. Are you stumbling from one activity to the next on autopilot? It’s easy to do. It’s even easier and more satisfying to live with intention. “Don’t just drift through life. Live with intention and purpose.” I believe that this is one of the most important lessons that a person can learn—and the sooner we get it, the better.

Intention and accountability are the answers. The happiest people in the world consciously set their intention before each event of the day. They understand that they have the power to choose a focus for each experience.

And accountability is how intention comes to life. No matter what life presents, we have the ability to move ahead – do something good for ourselves, to make a difference, to have a beneficial effect.

When we are accountable, we forge ahead, improving the quality of our lives by becoming proactive rather than reactive. We create our own circumstances, rather than allowing circumstances to dictate to us.

First, Lay the Foundation

  • Realize that your life is made up of choices. Every morning is a new day full of decisions and opportunities. You get to pick your attitude and your decisions. You don’t have to let the circumstances of your past negatively determine the pattern of your life in the future. You have a choice in the matter. You do not need to be stuck in the same pattern of living that you have been for years… realize that every morning is a new opportunity.

  • Evaluate the culture that you’re swimming in. Life is not lived in a vacuum. It is lived surrounded by a culture that is moving somewhere. This culture around us forms a swift downstream current. Living with intention will require you to take a step back and evaluate the flow of the stream to determine where it is headed, how it is affecting you, and if it is taking you in a direction you desire.

  • Examine yourself. Know who you are. Get a strong handle on your passions, talents, abilities, and weaknesses. Give precious time and energy to this endeavor. It is one of the most valuable things you can do.

Second, Add Practical Steps.

  • Decide to live your life. Stop comparing yourself to others. You were not born to live their life. There is no sense in wasting yours being jealous of theirs. Instead, you were born to live your life – determine today to be good at it. After all, you only get one shot.

  • Define a purpose. Identify what you want your life to communicate and contribute. Find a passion to live for that is bigger than yourself. Write it down. It will bring new meaning to your life. It will wake you from the slow death of only living for yourself.

  • Set goals. Goals move us and goals shape us. Set goals that are directly in line with your defined purpose. By their very nature, they will introduce intentionality into your life.

  • Stay focused. We live in a world of constant connectivity and distraction that is begging for our attention nearly every moment of the day. Learn to turn off the distraction and live your life instead. Turn off the tv and don’t read gossip magazines. Remove nonessential physical belongings that are robbing you of time and energy that could be better spent living with intention.

  • Learn from others. Successful people are curious people. They possess the humility to learn from others. Identify people accomplishing your purpose and goals. Then, study them and learn from them.

Adapted from: Becoming Minimalist

The worst thing you could ever waste is your life. Instead, commit yourself to intentional living and living with purpose. I have some simple tools to aid you on your intentional living journey: 1) An Intentional Day Bullet Journal, 2) Sample Goals, and 3) The Wheel of Life, which helps you determine where you stand in each area of your life. Your intentional journey begins with the Wheel of Life, then you can create clear goals and objectives. Accountability is held in the Intentional Day Bullet Journal. These forms are available to you via email in excel and Word. Just send me the word, and they are yours!

I want you to love your life and to accomplish your life goals with ease, simplicity and joy.

For more information or a copy of these tools, contact me at or (928) 925-4020. I’d so enjoy a friendly conversation. And please share your feedback on my website. I love feedback too.

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