• Tracey R McConnell

Design Your Dayestiny

Create your destiny every day! What better time to dig deep into your purpose, vision, and values? What better time to begin to chart a new course in this time of change, disruption, and a highly visible unmasking of social inequities? What better time to explore what might only be possible... now?

Clarity can be elusive, especially during times of uncertainty. We all know we are navigating extremely challenging times. So much is changing all at once, and there is a lot of uncertainty about everything. If you are excited about exploring how you can use this time to re-imagine and re-envision your life and our collective experience, consider joining them for Designing Your Dayestiny starting early July.

It is the perfect time to dive into the unknown and do some excavation, exploring, and dreaming. Your journey will result in getting clear on what you most want, who you want to be, how you want to devote your time, talents, and energy, and what you want your legacy to be.

Participant Sessions

  1. Find Your hidden treasures

  2. Discover Your Ideal Life

  3. Author & Visualize Your Ideal Life

  4. Reverse Engineer Your Success

  5. Live Your Intentional Dayestiny

  6. Present and Embody Your Vision, Goals and Intentional Day

Participant Outcomes:

  • Deep exploration of dreams, talents, visions, and desired legacy

  • Refinement and clarity about what matters most

  • Opportunities to reflect that lead to new insights and increasing clarity

  • Excitement about how to design the days you want that lead you step by step to your destiny

Your guides, Tracey McConnell and Cassandra O’Neill, bring together their shared love of strengths-based approaches to change. They are passionate about helping people develop a blueprint for their destiny. They are trained in multiple facilitation and coaching techniques including: Appreciative Living Coaching, Life Coaching, Conversational Intelligence for Coaches, and Graphic Facilitation. Tracey and Cassandra have spent decades working with nonprofits, coalitions, and individuals to increase their clarity and the results they are achieving.

They are offering a select group of 10 people who are ready to get clear, a 6-week guided journey.

The six sessions will be:

Sundays - 5:00 - 6:30 pm Pacific Time

July 19

July 26

Aug 2

Aug 9

Aug 16

Aug 23

These sessions will be recorded.

Email Tracey McConnell if you are interested in learning more about Designing Your Dayestiny at Join them for a bold adventure into the unknown to explore your wildest, dreams, and visions, and then reverse engineer a path to your destiny.


(928) 925-4020

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