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Updated: Apr 24, 2020

How many inspired ideas do you have sitting there in the ethers? Why hasn't it moved into reality? Seems impossible? Don't know the first step to take? Wondering if it could be a reality?

Well, let's pluck it from the ‘etherlands’ and examine its potential. The "Actionable Idea Worksheet" (next page) is one of the mightiest tools available to you as a successful creator. When it comes to transforming good ideas into reality, this worksheet is the closest thing available to a magic wand. Very simply, it's designed to help you develop and discern if an idea has merit in the real world.

Years ago, I ran across the best planning tool I’ve ever seen. It was created by my good friend and colleague Maryn Boess, whose organization GrantsMagic U teaches people how to successfully seek grants. She calls it the "Magic Wand 10-Question Grant Proposal Template," and many many people have gotten their first grant awards just on the basis of the information on this one-page worksheet. Not because there’s any real “magic” – but because these are the RIGHT questions. Turns out they’re the right questions for just about anything you’re interested in creating, any project you’re contemplating, any new idea you want to reality-test and manifest in the world.

Not only has this tool been used to successfully obtain grant funding for thousands of nonprofit organizations, Maryn says people have told her they’ve used it to plan a novel, and help a child figure out how to find the right college. I have also used this tool to find the ideal office location, which I was told would be nearly impossible in the limited commercial space of Sedona; yet I found it (unlisted) within a day with local realtors. Now, I am using it to plan my wedding! These are the right questions to help frame and give shape to any idea we want to manifest. (For more information on Maryn’s grants trainings, check out GrantsMagic U.)

The basic premise of the "Actionable Idea Worksheet" is to answer-six basic questions about your project or program: 1. Who is going to do what? 2. Where? 3. With whom? 4. With what resources? 5. To accomplish what results? 6. Why is it important?

Want to give it try? Alrighty then, let's answer one question at a time.

Let the Spirit speak to you (not simply limiting yourself to the boxes) and allow yourself an abundant exploration of your great idea. Enjoy a bit of mind mapping, let your thoughts and questions soar like soap bubbles. Each of these questions are aimed at discovering the essence of your idea and communicating it to others in a very compelling and comprehensive fashion.

Think through each section. You may need to do a little homework for some of the sections. And you may write so much at first that it requires a couple of pages in writing.

When you have fully addressed all of the questions, complete the requested information as clearly and concisely as possible in each of the boxes -- limiting your responses to the space provided on the worksheet.

For example, you should be able to describe your project ideas (question 1) in one sentence of no more than 50 words. The goal here is to get it all down on one page. You know, the adage, “Let’s get everyone on the same page”? That’s what we are aiming for here, literally and figuratively. When you choose to share your "Actionable Idea," with potential partners, it has traction, and it inherently serves as an invitation for their unique wisdom. Let key stakeholders add value to your idea; it secures their personal interest and possibly their commitment to support your great idea.

Ideally, the "Actionable Idea Worksheet" will be completed and submitted by you, the creator. Complete details will be filled in later, when you're developing your full master proposal blueprint.

I want to honor the originator, Maryn Boess, for this divinely inspired tool. As I shared with Maryn, I have used it successfully for manifesting my great ideas over and over again. Enjoy being a creator!

If you would like a Word version of this tool, more information or a free discovery session, contact Tracey McConnell at (928) 925-4020 or

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